As the story goes, Jack my father in law moved to a small town called Burns Kansas and there he met my mother in law Louise. He was looking for and wanted to make a family, a stable and strong family, I believe God saw his heart and blessed him in a very big way. I too long ago was looking for a family and was blessed to find the Hall family, a family of near or over 100 strong. The passed 359 days we added more and have had four incredible weddings. Jessica and Ryan married in KC in the most magnificent church and the reception in a restored and historic theater. Next Wedding took us to the Dominican Republic for the beautiful and epic beach wedding of Nichole and Max. Last weekend the wedding of Lucas and Alex had us near Winfield Kansas in a wooded and magical country venue and setting. Yesterday the last and final wedding in this year of celebrating was that of Derek and Celia, held in Charlottesville Virginia at the historic and beautiful Clifton Inn. Two nieces and two nephews added four new outlaws to our amazing family. We also added two new great nieces, Andy and Anna brought us Violet. Rahul and Megan brought Aurora. I am always in awe of this family, sure we have our drama, our stories and our quarrels but we always seem to add more then we subtract. We are not perfect but we are magnificent in numbers and we celebrate together and for each other in the most unexplainable and beautifully dedicated way. I am proudly bias but I toast to us, when looking for a family this strong and always growing family is truly one of the very best. WE ARE FAMILY .. YM

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