It was the next day after my 60th birthday celebration that Travis my nephew stopped by on his way back to Colorado. He sat with me on the deck and handed me a card and a gift. The card an announcement and the title of honorary GiGi.. With a look of confusion I caught on and shortly realized he and his wife Gina were expecting their first child. So many tears of joy burst from my heart and eyes. Joy for them as they have journeyed so long for this day and my heart breaking for my sister not here to be GiGi in person. I then started wrestling with what I will be to this new baby girl and how I could honor the legacy of my sister in the best way. Kim always called me Dee it’s just who I am to a lot of my family. So I collaborated with Travis who calls me his Aunt Dee and we agreed that I could be her Dee-Gi. As her Dee-Gi I will and do love her with all my heart already. I love the pics Travis sends me from their sonograms and I will love Travis and Gina as her parents with much love and support too. Sometimes are titles need to be modified and flexible in this life. We are whole, we are half, we are step, we are in laws, we are outlaws and a-lot of relationships in between. What I do believe and know at my core is this, there is no regret and always room to be somebodies, somebody. My heart is overflowing that I am Emma Graces Dee-Gi and we haven’t even met yet. Praying that even when life has a lot of unknowns and uncertainties we always make room and time for celebrating and being together for each other, Emma Grace in the words of your your GiGi and my sister Kim.. YOU MATTER 💜

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