Clink from Kansas on this first Sunday of October 2022. When I was a little girl I had a bad habit of holding my breath when I got upset or hurt. My mom would tell me to breathe but to no avail so she would just blow a puff of air into my face. It would catch me off guard and startle me to the point I started breathing again and calmed down. I don’t know why but I am wired to bear down and push through and intentional breathing seems like such a minimal response in a dire situation. I have friends and family that have been my face blowers lately. They know who they are and they often speak truth and anchor me to solid ground when my anxiousness is on another level. I am thankful for the upcoming fall season because it gives me permission to slow a bit, be in WindRose catching my breath, seeking comfort with a pumpkin spice latté and being grateful. A lot of decisions have had to made quickly in the last weeks since Richards cancer diagnosis. There hasn’t been a lot of time for pause and yet past experience has taught me to do exactly that as part of our strategy and battle plan. Richards treatments of chemo and radiation will start next week, we have prepared and pre-gamed as much as possible for what lies ahead. I plan to be very intentional with my time management in the days ahead and diverting my energy accordingly and as needed to what will come our way and what we can handle. I will seek the comfort and renewal of breathing deep, allowing myself to pray and recentering around to what and who matters most. Richard has always been one of the strongest men I have every known, he has this deep Hall resolve, strength, determination and dedication that is simply astonishing and will serve him well and best through all of this. God has already been gracious to us through our daughters, son in law, a tremendous family and incredible friends. I believe it takes an army for a battle such as this and well our army and warriors are just freaking awesome. I will update as time allows and as I feel the space to do so… Praying everyone feels the love we pour back on you… YM to us

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