Clink from Kansas on a outstanding 65 degree, cool and quiet Sunday morning .. Both of my daughters, Katie and Shauna were home for the weekend, just the four of us all hanging out … I loved every minute of it 💜💜💜.. It was filled with time sitting in WindRose, catching up, sharing stories, reminiscing about days gone by, re-connecting, music and a lot of sarcasm and laughter, hey that’s how we roll .. This cup shows the girls when they were 3 and 8, now they are 26 and 31.. We are incredibly blessed they come home, that they want to hang out with us, that we all have each other .. As Richard closed his eyes last night, he whispered, his voice cracked a bit with emotion and said, I really loved being with our daughters this weekend, I am so proud of them.. LIfe is Good !!, but you have to work at it, everyday deciding to count your blessings, forgive, respect others, and remember everyday is a gift 🎁 . The memories and moments you make and share will soon become the stories you laugh about on a beautiful summer night on a patio in a Garden called WindRose … YM-YOU MATTER, LIS-LIFE IS GOOD .. FAMILY MATTERS !!!!!

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