A Sunday drive- Clink

Good morning on this beautiful, early and quiet Sunday. Easing into this Sunday and I am breathing deep, coffee in hand with a little story to share, great company and some easy conversation with you my fellow clinkers. So, let’s take this Sunday drive together shall we. You’re in a car, it doesn’t matter much what your car looks like inside or out. The weather is like an ideal and perfect seventy-two and the feel of falls comfort is in the air just enough for all the windows and sun roof to be open if you like. Then picture before you the best driving scenery you have ever experienced. I am grateful that I have had so many to pull from, but for today’s drive I have Georgia on my mind with its long curving roads, lush dense tall timbered forest and the Kudzu curtains that drape the trees along its majestic highways. We are looking out the windshield, the sun is shining but not too hot, slow driving enough for the breeze to pull our cares and concerns outside leaving them etched into the mustard yellow ribbon lines atop the blacken hard asphalt. The highway has a soothing rhythm and movement that feels comforting and safe doesn’t it. We are in no hurry here, I put my hand out the window and the air slips through my fingers ever so gently like butterfly wings atop a rose of Sharon flower petal or golden aspen leaves in the shape of hearts spiraling to the ground in a Colorado’s fall. I see nothing but highway before me and I smile because it feels so surreal, weightless and comforting letting my worries and expectations blow out and evaporate into the air as I just move forward. I have no phone, no music, but the sweet song of Georgia on my mind by Ray Charles playing in my head and the canopy of a deep blue sky and nature as my vista. It’s funny that a long drive can minister so to our souls and at the end of it all we have somehow found a small window of clarity and peace, our spirit renewed and our resolve intact for what lies ahead. I believe God is often found in a big open sky, it says the heavens declare the glory of God and looking up into his glory brings a peace and trust that while the road is not always easy and smooth he is always in control. I clink to those who take long drives, hike, run, walk, bike, swim, boat, create, pray, meditate and do all the things that move you forward just enough to let the cares, fear and hard of life fall off behind you for a time. I thank you dear friends for riding with me today, for taking this drive that really goes nowhere and yet made us all sit in peace, distraction, conversation and connection if only for just a moment. YM- You matter … Have a blessed day

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