I have never met a cheese I didn’t like, well there maybe a few but I would try them at least once before it would be a hard pass. Tomorrow June 20th I will be celebrating my 60th birthday and I am pleasantly surprised and quite grateful to be doing so I might add. I was thinking I would post something philosophical or reflective for my 60th clink but then I just didn’t want to get that serious. Maybe the beauty of getting older is you can meander a bit, so follow me if you will down my memory lane to a little story I like to call “CHEESE PIZZA FOR MY BIRTHDAY”. For most of my childhood getting a coupon in the mail to Shakeys Pizza Parlor was one of the highlights of growing up. It was like getting the golden ticket from Willy Wonka, you waited and when you got it you couldn’t wait to go and use it. For those who are not familiar Shakeys Pizza Parlor was the family spot to go in the 1960’s. The inside was upbeat jazzy fun with banjos, player pianos, the smell of fresh pizza as you walked in. The best root beer on the planet and a window you could stand and look through as staff with their foam shakeys hats and pin stripped shirts loaded your pizza up with all the best things. So, every year the Shakeys coupon would come and every year that it came weeks before my birthday Dad would start his campaign. You see cheese pizza was my favorite pizza but Dad however felt the best use of a free large pizza coupon was best used on their best pizza style.Dad would say ok when we get there make sure you order the supreme, I would nod my head in agreement and then every year when the lady asked me what I wanted I would look up and Dad smile and say, “CHEESE”, Kim would giggle, Mom would roll her eyes and Dad would spit and sputter like and old engine every time. I think he was annoyed after the first couple of times it happened but after that it just became part of our banter and fun family tradition. In the immortal words of William Shakespeare “WITH MIRTH AND LAUGHTER LET OLD WRINKLES COME”. Yes, I want a million laugh lines and to have earned each and everyone one of them in the years to come. I CLINK TO 60

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