It was a Sunday and they were passing by our home when they noticed I was out on the deck. I didn’t recognize the truck as they pulled in, I grabbed Della and put her in the house and stepped back outside. As I walked to the truck the window rolled down and I instantly recognized her smile and when she said Dianna, my heart instantly broken open. Richard had told me that she had been diagnosed back in March with an advanced cancer and that she had started chemo and been very ill from the effects. The only sign of anything I saw was the colored cap she now wore to cover her head from the hair loss. I hugged her so tight as tears filled my eyes, it had been way too long and so many years since we last saw each other. I asked if she was strong enough to get out and she did, we walked onto the deck and ultimately into the garden. It was pretty breezy but neither of us cared, I asked how she was doing she showed me her long scar where they had found the large tumor. We spent only minutes on the here and now. We had worked together years ago, I was 18 then and she 19 and married with a new son. We spoke of our children and their lives, we showed pictures, she shared a memory about my mom and we laughed, she knew my mom very well. We talked about husbands and how she has been married over 40 plus years now. We both agreed that 41 plus years had seemed like it had just flown by but then when life throws you hard things it can slow way down. There were moments of laughter, moments of tears and moments of silence as I watched her take in deep breathes of sunshine, flowers and air. There was no hurry, dinner could wait, no pending schedules to keep and no demands more then two old friends recounting their lives and stories together. Her husband came down into the garden and said we should be going home now and helped her to her feet. We walked to the truck and hugged yet again, we talked about seeing each other and what days she felt good enough for visitors. We waved goodbye and I sat on the deck and watched them pull away. I could not stop the tears as they rolled down my cheeks into my lap. I was just so grateful they came by, I am so grateful we have lived a lifetimes worth of memories to share. I knew her well and now even in this difficult illness she faces we are blessed with yet another day, a sunny Sunday afternoon to slow down time, reminisce and enjoy our dear friendship and in a garden to remember in named WindRose…

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