I recently had the pleasure of having dinner with and seeing my valued and long-time friend Kathy. The history we share is one for the books and often long time friendships are formed in the most challenging of circumstances aren’t they. I was only twenty-four when first husband passed away in a truck accident. Kathy and I worked together at the time, there were many hours she would listen, cry, laugh and offer advice through one of my most difficult seasons. I reminded her of one such nugget when we saw each other recently. Her words, “We all have to go through hard things and challenges in life, it is inevitable for us all. You just can’t build a tent and stay there.” That wisdom from my dear friend has given me a lot of strength since 1987 to move forward through a lot of life since. It is not good to build tents over, disappointments, loss, heartache, betrayals and truly painful times. I think of a tent often as isolation, where you feel stuck, where expectations aren’t met and depression and bitterness have taken root. Praying today for all who are feeling overwhelmed and hurting, it is a real thing and often it will be a wave you will ride in and out of your life often. I pray you don’t build a tent around it but seek the help, connection and conversation of a friend or someone who can speak truth, wisdom and hope back into your life. Friends matter, connection matters, You truly matter…

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