When Kimmy and I were little and it was time for bed we always hugged mom and dad and they would say, “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite”. As an adult now I have to kind of think where did that saying come from and really bed bugs, thinking if you have them you certainly won’t sleep at all. What I absolutely treasure from my childhood was the moments where you linger, rest and dream right before you fall asleep. My sister and I would lay there in our bunk beds, talk and sort out the details of the day. It was also the safe and trusting space where childhood dreams are shared and their reality seemed possible, Kim wanted to be a fashion designer and I a writer and story teller. I realize now less was truly more, we had less things, a small home of five hundred square feet, less name brands, less comparisons, less electronics. What was less of made room for so much more, more room for dreams, conversations and connection and a classroom to create memories and stories. Often childhood dreams carry and manifest themselves in the most unexpected but still magnificent ways. My mother who wanted to be a nurse utilized her gift by exceptionally nurturing and caring deeply and beautifully for her family and friends. My sister who wanted to be a fashion designer and beautician utilized her gift by always making someone feel they mattered, she quite literally changed and made someone feel special, wanted and beautiful from the inside out. Truly we are all gifted, unique and special, believing that with childlike faith that you matter and make a difference taps that God given gift in you. The bible says with out dreams and visions we perish. I believe in the power of refirement, the power of dreams and purpose in our lives. If we can dream in small spaces we can continue to act and keep them alive in there to. I CLINK to everyone who dreams and acts in the daily, your gift of kindness, patience, support, service, purpose and nurturing moves more mountains and changes more lives everyday than can ever be counted or compensated for. You make the biggest difference when you use your gift to make a big difference for others.

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