Once upon a time a young woman moved to Kansas she fell in love with the endless sunshine and sunflowers and their she grew her garden and her words…

I CLINK, it is my life and my mantra…

Back in February a memory came up on my news feed and I realized I had literally been clinking since 2012, seriously a decade of clinking. It gave me a true moment of pause, I decided to take a break evaluate and determine the future of my clinks. To be honest I wondered if I even had anymore clinks left in me. Ten years of clinking equates to roughly five hundred and twenty Sundays and that is a lot of content. It also gave me time to rest which I have needed for a while as my life and my full-time job at the hospital have kept me very busy. As this new chapter of Clinks begins I want the flexibility to explore and have fun it in it all. You will be a part of this journey with me if you choose. Truly its going to be an experiment and a creative process for me. I started clinking because I missed coffee and conversations with many I have lost over the years. You learn a lot about your story surrounded by those who know you best. I kind of wrote a mission statement for my clinks and an outline for how I will CLINK moving forward. I CLINK will be my brand. I believe we all CLINK in some way and from all different places, my hope is that we all stay Clinking together…



C-Care and connect
L- Listen and learn
I- Inspire and encourage
N-Nourish and serve
K-Keep telling the stories because everyone’s

A Happy Birthday to my Garden WINDROSE who turns 5 today.

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