Changes – Clink

Clink from Kansas on an 18 degree first weekend of February 2022. This super fun red mug Katie got for me years back while on a ski trip. Watching my family ski Cooper was such soul food for me. Sitting in that rustic lodge with my coffee, nestled in the snow, and taking in those breathe taking views just felt like seeing an old dear childhood friend that I hadn’t realized how much I missed. This morning feels more like that too, winter and playing in snow brings back the kid in me. I have to live in a place that has changing seasons. Seasons and change never seem calm do they. Often they both come in forcing us into a required response. Sometimes we just know a change is needed, we get stuck, sick, overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Often change isn’t external it is a mind set, its an attitude toward something, and the change that is really needed is in our own attitude toward something. Thats the hardest gamble in change, to go, to stay, to weigh the pros and cons, to endure, to hold on, to let it go. Once we light the flame to the keg and explosion of change undoubtedly comes as a result. It is like a rock in a pond, there is always ripples and waves after impact, but once the rock rests into its new spot the waves and water always come back to rest. Had I never left Colorado for Kansas at 18 I would have missed all that I hold so dear now, the family I love with all my heart. ❤️ and that never changes in me.Change will come it is inevitable… and much like our current weather patterns never ever the same way. Praying everyone maintains their faith, courage and hope in change, that we remain very sensitive and respectul of its power and its inevitable impact on others around as it changes for them too.. it matters.. most importantly- YM- You Matter !!!!!!

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