Good morning all you fellow clinkers. You know I always intend to try and write my clinks and get them done well in advance of my deadline for Sunday mornings. What I have found is that the inspiration to write and deadlines usually don’t intersect perfectly at the same time. I have discovered you just can’t force a clink and while that can be very frustrating, it is also part of the excitement and possibilities in it all. So this year I am surrendering to the process of just one clink at a time. Clinking with intension and in real time feels more honest and genuine with the content I write about and want to share with you my readers. Truly I love and have now become accustomed to the flow of inspiration that just springs up when I least expect it to. Conversations, people, experiences, past and present are always the inspiration behind the Clink words. I am also very humbled when people tell me they enjoy the Sunday morning clinks. It was always my hope and hearts desire when I started this blog that others would want to take a moment, grab a beverage, connect and clink with me too. If you do clink with me I just want to say a heartfelt thank you and what an honor to have your company. Praying for a lot more clinking heard around the world, it is up to us all to communicate more, appreciate more, celebrate more and formulate intentional time for each other. Be the best Clinker you can in 2022, it matters… YM & OM

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