Clink from Kansas, hoping you have a beverage in hand and a moment for some small talk and morning conversation. My sister in law Rita gave me this new mug at Christmas, she gets me… and I have to say it is quite fitting as I am truly of the early bird species. There is something so refreshing and life giving in the waking up to the promise of a new day ahead. On weekends I take my coffee into my garden WindRose often before sunrise to catch the very first glimpse of day break. I breathe deep and let my lungs and all my senses fill up to overflowing with Gods new mercies and grace. This preferred ritual positions me with an internal peace and awareness that the Lord is my shepherd and I am facing my new day trusting him. Last Sunday the temp at only at six degrees I noticed these tiny fossil like bird prints all over the garden in the fresh frozen snow. It is such a treasure and delight to share my garden space with some of Gods most delicate and resilient creatures. I am so grateful for this small atrium of co-existing, I provide food, shelter, water and they in return allow me to enjoy their frolic, flight and whimsical theatre. Not everyone can appreciate the cold frozen of Winter, I am the exception in my family most of the time. It may well be my Colorado roots showing but there is nothing like ice crystals that crunch under your feet or the blowing puff of warm breath into the ice-cold atmospheres stillness that brings so much energy and joy to my heart. The suns refection on the white winters lace warms one’s soul from the outside in if you dare let its magic touch you like that. Praying we all let the musical notes of winter hold and suspend our spirits past just the celebration and salvation in Christmas. January holds its own beautiful promises and new splendors to explore, so let’s pray, plan, dream and create safely in this chrysalis fabric of winters gentle slumbering and under its white blanket of hopefulness and renewal. YM & OM

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